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What is the difference between Azzurra PGx genetic tests from other tests

Azzurra GenetiX tests across 36 genes, covering more than 90% of the drugs utilized for patient care. Our 5 PGx panels are uniquely designed to include the most up-to-date research for variations of the most common drug metabolizers, transporters, and receptors that actively participate in drug metabolism and transportation, processing a broad spectrum of drugs used for any disease treatment.

How quickly do I get my results?

3-5 days

Does my insurance cover Pharmacogenetic testing?

Azzurra genetic currently does not accept health insurance. Insurance is very tricky, some insurance companies may cover pharmacogenetic testing only if you have a specific diagnosis and are taking certain prescription medications. Most insurances may deny claims and patients may be stuck with high out of pocket costs. We strive to make pharmacogenetic testing available and accessible to everyone.

How will this test help me?

Azzurra Medication Response test helps you understand how your DNA can impact your medications. This test helps your doctor prescribe a more genetically optimal medication to avoid medications that may cause side effects or be less likely to work.

What does Azzurra do with my DNA samples?

Unlike a hereditary DNA test, we only analyze very specific genes related to drug metabolism. We do not keep, store or use your genetic data in any way, other than necessary for processing your report. We destroy your sample once it is processed.

Is PGx the right test for me?

Although PGx testing is safe, fast, and accurate, there are several things to consider when ordering a PGx test: Have you struggled with getting on the right medication? Have you been prescribed medication but discontinued because it did not work? Did your physician recently prescribe a medication that you are worried about how it will react with your body? Are you currently not taking medication, but wish to see if a certain medication is right for you? Have you had adverse drug reactions in the past or was prescribed the wrong medication in the past? Has the trial-and-error approach to finding the right medication cost you time, money, or potentially harmed you?

Want to know more about Pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing?

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Azzurra Health uses cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology to decode your genetic makeup, allowing you and your healthcare team to better understand which medication works best for you.

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The tests offered through the Azzurra Health platform are not intended to diagnose or treat disease. Our tests are not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice. Do not make any changes to your current medications or dosing without consulting your healthcare provider.

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